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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  January 14, 2018 3:30am-4:00am EST

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have a fantastic weekend! thank you for watching and keep it right here, the number one business block continues with trish regan and cashin' in. >> it was historic. this transparent, bipartisan white house meeting getting a ton of press from the public. instead of the closed-door wheeling and dealing that usually ends up costing us taxpayers a whole lot more money, maybe this is how washington should be doing all of its business, right out in the open so we can see it. hi, everyone, i'm trish regan, welcome to cashin' in. cashin' in crew, gerri willis, david and gary mercer. gary, what do you think, should everything be out in the open? we need more transparency so that stuff can get done? >> of course we do. of course these conversations should take place out in the open and that's what's so exciting about seeing this. you saw an actual conversation
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between democrats and republicans, on an issue that is substantive for the american people. let me tell you, michael wolff saying the president is a moron. you were able to judge for yourself in this meeting by listening to the president get right in the middle. just like he was leading a board of directors, guiding the conversations. trish: that's what i liked. you mentioned leading the board of directors. this, gary, is a guy who has a tremendous business background. this seemed to be on display. shouldn't we as taxpayers be able to see more of how the sausage gets made, so to speak? >> you said the magic word, taxpayers. they work for us, we pay their salaries. we should be able to see the unfiltered, unvarnished opinions of these people as well as the back and forth. we can see who is smart. we can see who is stupid. we can see who doesn't get it. i loved every minute of it and i had a he love to see it at least once a week on every subject matter. you know, i would really like to see the one that talks about the
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debt and the deficit. and as well as the government spending and the misplacing of our taxpayer dollars. that would be a lot of fun. i'm all for it. trish: look it. >> one of the problems with washington, david, everybody is grand standing and doing everything for political purposes and get the sound bite so it makes the round on cable news. you think about what nancy pelosi was saying just this week, you know, about crumbs, for example, and what the american taxpayers were getting back from corporations. that was designed deliberately to target people. in other words, i like this idea of actually seeing how stuff is done as opposed to us getting stuff with a stupid sound bite over and over and over again, might this cause lawmakers in washington to have a little more credibility? >> let's hope so and i think, trish, the way you laid it out and characterizing it is exactly what the white house wanted, on the heels of michael wolff's
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book and them being on defense, you want to take an offensive-- an offense position and so doing it with visuals that show the man or the president at work. . trish: you're a cynic, if you show limb at work and doing a decent job, what's wrong with that, david? >> i think that's fine. let's see how the bacon gets made as we're seeing and also what's the result. are we going to get daca? are we going to put a path to citizenship in place so we can move on to other important issues. trish: and that may be entirely up to whether the democrats want to play or not. >> listen it's got nothing to do with the democrats because-- >> i don't want to, look-- hang on, david. david, let gerri go and then onto you. >> gerri. >> republicans should be able to do something. >> excuse me, david, your name is not gerri. gerri, go. >> my point is simple.
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this is a moment you don't want to pass by quickly. this is success. this is what success looks like. this is what success looks like in a policy arena, not a political arenamen. >> show me a bill. >> of course there's no bill yet, it's a process. we should encouraged it's moving this this direction. >> go ahead, gary. >> the most important part of the equation, this forces the issue on all politicians left, right, and the middle to act like adults and do the right thing and put their ideas front and center, instead of like you said, those sound bites. again, these are the people that are making a decision on the future of this country. this is of importance and i am tired of hearing sound bites. i am tired of the putdowns. i am tired of that this, that and the other thing, this wasn't just great theater, this was great government. give a lot more of it, i promise
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a lot more things would map if we were more open. trish: let me jump this and throw in this caveat. gary, once they get used to this, aren't they going to once again start grand standing for the cameras? if we always had cameras around, we run the risk that they'll turn back into the sound bite machine. >> at least it will be front and center and have much better opinions on these people. i was sitting there watching and waiting to go on tv. i could not believe what we were seeing. it's so much different than what we were used to. i was applauding and people in the studio applauding and that speaks volume. >> if i might add, i'm all for the optimism, but i would really be applauding when we do see and they're handing up an immigration bill, that says we've done it. and then i will applaud it and slap them on the back. trish: and what the heart of this segment is about, do we need more of this, do we need
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more transparency. >> yes. >> do we need the ability for the american taxpayer to watch. >> i think it's ideal to have more transparency and more honesty and forthrightness to allow the american people to be a part of the decision making, which is electing the representatives that are there to serve them. >> you liked it? would you go as far as to say you liked the meeting? >> she's got you, you've got to admit. >> no answer. >> i go so far as we should put spectators in there and sell some popcorn and horn blowers in there when they do the right thing. again, the most part of the equation and we tend to forget this with the minutia. they're deciding on things for our future. all i know we're 21 trillion in debt right now, maybe wouldn't be there, at 21 trillion, if all of this was going on in front of us over the last 10, 15. >> that's how the founding fathers did this. the conversations went on in public. it was brutal sometimes.
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the arguments were intense, but, guess what came outs of that? i mean, i think it's a positive story to be told here. >> and i agree with gary. >> all for transparency. >> i agree with gary with regard to the deficit and debt and we should have more transparency on that and helpful had we had that with the trump tax cuts that only added to the deficit rather than reduce the deficit. trish: you know the thinking on that, david. >> david, we can go back and forth on that, and we can talk about obama and mandates and hidden tax hikes. >> we can, but he's no longer on the field. >> the bigger picture, hopefully we can get more transparency. >> i agree, gary. >> and openness as we move forward. >> i'm with you. trish: on that note, i've got to stop it, right? all in agreement. more transparency, more of those meetings. >> love it. >> message to the white house, everyone loved it, let's see more of it. coming up, everybody. goodbye to guantanamo bay, as gitmo detainees are sued for being held too long. there's a push to shut the prison for good.
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>> nearly a dozen terror suspects held at guantanamo bay are suing the u.s. government. they say they're being held too long. and now, democratic senator dianne feinstein is calling on president trump to close gitmo for good. you think that's a bad idea, right? >> look, this is not about gitmo. dianne feinstein, barack obama, ran the country for eight years, they had unfettered power. this is about throwing something out there, the debate
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republicans. right now markets are soaring and the economy is accelerating. a couple of million people have bonuses and big investments. they're fighting the tax bill and against everything working. this is just-- >> i don't think it's a winning issue though. i don't know as this, you know, the immigration debate turns into a bit of a wedge issue, i get that one, but this? i mean, gerri, the prisoners are suing us. >> the prisoners are suing us and they've been incarcerated for too long. in some cases 16 years. let's remind everybody how we got here, all right? at the end of obama's term, he put a bunch more people into guantanamo bay, and when they went to host countries they didn't work out well because they went right back back to the battlefield. from our point of view, trying to protect our own people, why would we want these folks to come back and attack us again. let me tell you, this is an area
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where i'm on board with trump 100% because i think job number one, protecting the american people. >> david. again, i think most americans that you talk to, they want to make sure they're safe. they want financial security and that's why the economy is so important right now, but they also want physical security. >> and they are getting it. and i should say that americans also are concerned that the principles by which this country is founded on and operates on, ie, due process, it's something that we should keep restored and reinforce and that's not the case as it happens to be with gitmo. they've been there 16 years, they haven't been charged. they haven't gotten due process. we've seen hundreds released. we've seen no attacks here by those released. so, i say, close gitmo and move on that we should be going to. >> and let them all free. >> david, close it, everybody goes free? >> i say close it as others have
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gone free. they've served their time. put them back in their countries and let them, under the arrangements that they're released. >> they dependent work out so well last time. these people went right back to the battlefield. so why is that such a great idea? what's your expectations of what happens when you send people back to host countries that they go get a job and get married and raise a family and stay in private sector, never come back out as terrorists? i mean, what do you see happening? >> what i see happening, they're not on u.s. soil, to that due process has been served. three, that they have not been attacking united states possessions or others, so, why are we still holding them, gerri, why? >> hold on, it is ridiculous to just generallylize this and saying, oh, just let them all go. there are some damn bad players in there that would love to destroy this country, even as of today. >> and gary, that was said of
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hundreds already released. >> let's open up alcatraz and put an electric fence around it and terrorist eating sharks in a little moat and send them over there, let's put them through a due process and then move forward. looks, we've been hearing the same story for years, barack obama, dine feinstein, hillary clinton yapping for eight years about closing it and didn't. >> and they had every opportunity, and why to use against the republicans, that's happening here. why? because the republicans are having success right now. having access at the economy, the stock market is on a high. there is good news for regular americans. trish: the only thing i say, it's kind after lousy wedge issue, isn't it, david? most americans want to be safe and they doesn't like the idea, as gary points out, of these terrorists going back and being able to exist in their home countries and plot something against us again. that is the fear.
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that is the concern and i don't care what side of the aisle you are on, that kind of ideaistic approach, it's been proven to not have worked over the last eight years. >> germany is changing policy right now-- . do you want me to address the question or is that gerri and gary? >> under bush, bush let some go that went back on the battlefield and fought against us. so did obama. so it's on both sides. but the most important point here that i'm trying to make is, this is just thrown up in the air because the democrats right now have no game on the economy, on jobs, and all the great things that are going on right now because of whatever's happened in the economy and the tax bill and all of that stuff. it's all up in the air right now. >> the democrat's plan is don't take those tax cuts, that's your economic plan, really? i don't get it. >> first of all, that's not what democrats have said, gerri, i think it's a misquote.
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>> elizabeth warren said it. >> if you don't want this to be a wedge issue, don't want us to talk about it, close gitmo and we could move on and talk about the great economy. >> and do what with the people in there though. >> he said let them all go, hey, why not? that's that idealistic approach i appreciate, but we've got to be realists here and when you're dealing with bad people you know you could have some consequences if you do not deal with this in the right manner. shoppers are building a website in under an hour is easy with gocentral... ...from godaddy! in fact, 68% of people who have built their... using gocentral, did it in under an hour, and you can too. build a better website - in under an hour.
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trish: shoppers in seattle voicing outrage over sticker shock after the city imposed a tax on sugary drinks. other cities tried this before, but this one is outrageous. unbelievable, a case of gatorade at costco, $16. but with the new tax, guess what? it jumps to more than $26. wow! gary, it's going to be hard for some people. >> well, disclaimer, i love seattle, a great city. i love the people, fabulous people. i do know the love the government. they're doing the opposite of what this country is doing. they raise taxes, fees, fines, mandates, rules, regulations, government control. what end up happening for every action, there's an equal and opposite reaction. costs will go up. people could be fired. well, with minimum wage hikes and things like that. i just don't understand.
3:53 am
if they want to worry about spending, how about lowering spending, lowering taxes and watch the economy flourish and then more money come into the treasury there. i don't think they get it. trish: how do you like the idea of the government sort of picking winners and losers in all of this, gerri, and deciding that, thinks the sugary drink business should be out of business. >> drives me insane when they tell me what to do like this. this is mom and dad should be telling the kids, you're not having this. this is how it should happen. like cigarette smoking, one of the reason people, big reason it stopped it made them feel bad, they made the decision on their own. you can make the decision on their own. everyone is going to push against this, go to the city, cross the street. the town ten miles away and buy what they want. that's how the world works. these kinds of rules are draconian, shouldn't be done and it hurts small business. i don't like that either. there's a long list of things i don't like. trish: david, are you in favor of this? >> i'll say this that with the
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trump tax cut and the promises that our wallets are going to get fatter and wider, why are we worried about gatorade at 26? we'll be able to afford it, right, gerri agary? the cigarette industry, when you tax cigarette and i'm not a fan of smoking, never even tried a cigarette, but you tax it, and what happens? you create a whole other industry, underground, where people are running the cigarettes from state to state, because you know what? the market will only bear so much and if you could pay $16 instead of $26, for that giant case of gatorade, you're not going to pay that much, gary. >> costs go up, less people buy it, business goes down, distributors do less and then you end it in a vicious cycle. trish: we'll see what happens. good stuff. coming up, the one thing that will happen next week that i
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>> welcome back. it's time for fox on the spot. gerri, what's your prediction? >> i've got to tell you, january 19th. congress is going to blow it for the budget. kick the can down the road again. trish: all right, david. >> my prediction is 2018 is the year of the american middle class, mid-term elections and with trump failing us, broken
3:59 am
promises, he's going to see his party, the g.o.p. lose its majority in the house of representatives come november. trish: i have something to say about that. gary, over to you. >> retail stocks are on fire and leading the market. costco, best of the best. i expect 15 or 20% this year, consistently strong earnings and great company. trish: i'm going to say if the markets continues to do well and gdp continues to grow and wages go up and unemployment remains low, david, the democrats are going to have a tough time. that does it for us. thanks, so much, guys. before we give exciting news to share. one of the hardest working people i know, my good friend, neil cavuto is about to start working harder believe it or not. beginning next saturday, he will be right here with you live from 10 a.m. until noon. neil is working overtime because i can tell you not just because of his commitment to news, but most importantly because of his commitment to you. i have no doubt this show is going to be a huge success.
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so, make sure you tune in next saturday at 10 a.m. eastern to watch cavuto live. go neil! have a terrific weekend. see you >> lou: good evening, everybody. president trump today making his immigration stance clear with there must be a border wall or no deal with daca. that is a tenant of his campaign. and dems and rhino republicans trying to drive him in a different direction yesterday. among our guests. congressman andep biggs. he said the wall must be built before congress passes daca legislation.


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